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Saturday, December 3, 2011


1. ONCE UPON A TIME (ABC) This whimsical ABC drama was the sleeper hit of the fall, surprising critics and obliterating all predictions that the show would meet a quick death. Instead it became the hottest drama of the fall, and helped pump a little more juice into the pathetic season 8 of Desperate Housewives. I love the two worlds, and love the visuals. Havent had a show like this on the air since Pushing Daisies.

2. REVENGE (ABC) ABC also re-invented the nighttime sudser with this smart drama about a woman scorned, and the lengths she'd go to to exact revenge on those who'd done her daddy wrong. Each episode gets more and more delicious, and the cast is stunning to watch - especially the actor who plays the soon-to-get-shot Daniel Graystone.

3. ENLIGHTENED (HBO) I had no clue that this new HBO dramedy would be so damn great! It has an indie-movie feel to it, but the writing and acting are top-notch, and I swear I've shed a tear or have been moved with each and every episode. The highlight of the season so far is when the two leads take a canoe trip and having a bonding experience.

4. AMERICAN HORROR STORY (FX) After the successes of vampires (True Blood) and zombies (Walking Dead) on cable, ghosts got their chance to scare up audiences in Ryan Murphy's new kinky thriller drama haunted house story. After a questionable start, the show has really found its groove and has totally drawn me in. Here's hoping new tenants move in next season, though. Oh, and Dylan McDermott's ass is HOT. I also kinda got turned on when the cheating half of the gay couple got his pants and underwear torn down his butt by Rubber Man.

5. NEW GIRL (FOX) Zooey Deschanel earns her paycheck every week as the adorable star of this new sitcom. The 3 male roomies are strictly background noise at this point. Hard to imagine the show would work without its female lead.

6. THE SECRET CIRCLE (CW) This Kevin Williamson teen show about intergenerational covens of witches started strong, but has weakened in recent weeks. Its becoming a bit too convoluted and needs to ease up on the angst a bit.

7. RINGER (CW) Soapy, but not nearly as fun as ABC's Revenge. Sarah Michelle Gellar is good as the twins Siobhan and Bridget. It's less-filling trash, but still kinda satisfying if you get into it. And I did.

8. GRIMM (NBC) Great pilot, but the acting and writing are juvenile. I still have faith that this show will find the right tone. Comedy is good, but lame procedural drama isn't.

9. UP ALL NIGHT (NBC) A tri-fecta of comedy experts (Married With Children's Christina Applegate, Arrested Development's Will Arnett, and SNL's Maya Rudolph) joined forces in this baby-rearing comedy that also incorporated a funny workplace com complete with America's Got Talent's Nick Cannon. The results were ALMOST-hilarious, just not laugh-out-loud. With some tweaking, this has the potential to become great, or is it a one-note comedy centering around that baby Ava? Less baby, more Maya!

10. THE EXES (TVLAND) Great cast, needs better writing. 'Nuff said.


11. 2 BROKE GIRLS (CBS) It was hard for me to like this show at first, but it has slowly grown on me. The tragic part of the show is the lame supporting cast that backs up the diner where our waitresses work. I also think Kat Dennings is a bit too snarky. Oh, and whats up with that horse in their back yard? Winter is coming...

12. TERRA NOVA (FOX) This and CHARLIES ANGELS were two shows that I was most looking forward to. Sucks that TERRA NOVA became a schmaltzy Spielberg family drama. So much potential wasted...

13. THE X FACTOR (FOX) THis first year of the singing competition has some kinks to work out, such as ditching host Steve Jones, axing Nicole, and even possibly the annoying LA Reid. Keep Simon and Paula and bring in a current recording artist (THE VOICE masters this with Adam, CeeLo, Xtina and Blake) and a Nick Cannon-like host to keep things funny. Also, the first year had some less-than-inspiring finalists.

14. CHARLIE'S ANGELS (ABC) This one should have been a hit, if only the casting had been better. Oh, and why was it so serious? People expect escapism out of their ANGELS, not this current CSI-like procedural crap.

15. WHITNEY (NBC) Should have been funnier...

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