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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall TV Review: Unforgettable

Poppy Montgomery is one of my favorite actresses ( I thought she did a great portrayal of JK Rowlings in the recent Lifetime biopic). But with Unforgettable on CBS, she is stuck with a by-the-numbers procedural that the network consistently throws at viewers. There is nothing original here at all. SIDENOTE: dramas are tanking this season, while comedy is king. Could we finally have a reversal and start to see the once-mighty CBS start to tank, too, because of their over-reliance on crime shows. One can only hope. But back to Unforgettable: If you care to know, its about a woman who never forgets any little detail in her life. I guess only a few people in the world have this, including Marilu Henner. For me, the show should drop the first two letters and then there would be an accurate name for the series. D+

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