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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fall TV Preview: FOX


MONDAYS: The most highly anticipated new show of the fall, TERRA NOVA, kicks off Monday nights at 8, followed by what is expected to be the final season of HOUSE at 9.
What I Will Watch: TERRA NOVA. How can you beat the combo of Steven Spielberg and dinosaurs???
Hours: 1.00

TUESDAYS: GLEE returns for season three, followed by another comedy block similar to last year, this time being the new NEW GIRL followed by returnee RAISING HOPE.
What I Will Watch: GLEE, NEW GIRL and RAISING HOPE. I’ll admit that I am growing bored with GLEE, so this will be an interesting year for me to see if my interest continues with it. As for NEW GIRL, looks good with Zooey Deschanel, and I am still a fan of baby HOPE.
HOURS: 2.00

WEDNESDAYS: Look out, Idol, its Simon Cowell’s long-anticipated X FACTOR performance show for the first 90 minutes, followed by new comedy I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER.
What I Will Watch: X FACTOR and I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER. After IDOL annoyed me to tears with its unfair voting system (I feel it should only be one vote allowed per caller and one per IP address), which ousted Pia Toscano and James Durbin in favor of snoooooze Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. So my interest in this IDOL will be replaced with nasty Simon’s biting and honest remarks. Good to see Paula Abdul back, too.
HOURS: 2.00

THURSDAYS: X FACTOR results show leads into the veteran show BONES.
What I Will Watch: Gotta see the results show, but I don’t have to stick around for Bones.
HOURS: 1.00

FRIDAYS: KITCHEN NIGHTMARES leads into the fourth and presumably final season of FRINGE.
What I Will Watch: FRINGE
HOURS: 1.00

SUNDAYS: SIMPSONS, then new show ALLEN GREGORY, followed by FAMILY GUY make for a night of continued Animation Domination.
What I Will Watch: ALLEN GREGORY
HOURS: 0.5

MIDSEASON: ALCATRAZ, THE FINDER, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and TOUCH, along with a couple more unannounced comedies.


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