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Monday, May 9, 2011

TV UPFRONTS 2011-2012 Sneak Preview

Welp, all the new shows from 2010-11 season have now aired, and we are now just one week away from that magical time in TV land known as the upfronts, where each of the major networks announces their new fall skeds to advertisers.... and fans. Keep checking each day for the latest news on whats new, and whats been axed.

I have quite a few faves that are on the bubble this year, meaning their fates are unknown.

NBC: CHUCK is the most vulnerable, as it is a TOP TEN show of mine. PARENTHOOD and OUTSOURCED are also on the bubble, though if they got canned, I could live without them. ALready renewed: Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock

ABC: HAPPY ENDINGS, BETTER WITH YOU and V are all on the bubble. Of the three, I hope HAPPY ENDINGS is back. I liked NO ORDINARY FAMILY, but it needs to go. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES hasnt yet gotten a pick-up, but will. Already renewed are Cougar Town, The MIddle and Modern Family.

FOX: None of my favorite FOX shows are on the bubble. All have been renewed: Glee, Raising Hope, Fringe and American Idol.

THE CW: Both of my favorite CW shows have been renewed: Supernatural and 90210.

CBS: Rules of Engagement is the only CBS show on the bubble that I for sure want back. I dont care so much about Mad Love or SHIT My Dad Says. Other fave CBS shows have already been renewed: How I Met Your Mother, Two and A Half Men, Big Bang Theory and Survivor.

So going into next week, my fingers are crossed for Rules of Engagement (CBS), Chuck, (NBC) and Happy Endings (ABC)

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