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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring/Winter TV Review: Game of Thrones

Not since TRUE BLOOD has HBO delivered such a satisfying new show. GAME is gorgeous, well-acted, and fast-paced. I read the book by George RR Martin in advance so that I wouldnt be lost, and I am glad I did because GAME is an epic series, and knowing what I know makes it all so worth it. Though of course, being as faithful as the show is to the source material, I don't get the surprises that come with watching it on TV as a first exposure. No worries, this is great television. Oh, and today a second season was just ordered. YAY! A+

1 comment:

skeetslokum said...

I loved the books ... until he started taking so long writing them. I'll wait until the season's over to get the series on DVD.