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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring/Winter Review: The Voice

NBC's answer to AMERICAN IDOL is surprisingly strong, and fun. And just different enough that it might work. Obviously the four coaches are key to the success, and watching Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, xTina, and Blake Shelton beg for singers to join their teams is fun, and it works. I also like the surprise factor facing the coaches as they hit or don't hit their buzzer and turn to see the face of who they are fighting for to join their team. Then knowing that the coaches will cut their team in half by 50% before the America-Votes section should also be interesting as two singers in each team will face off singing the same song for survival. Loving it so far! A

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring/Winter TV Review: Call Me Fitz

Former 90210-er Jason Priestly plays such an unlikable character in this new DirecTV comedy that its hard to stay invested in it. Basically the show is bad Jason and his good Jason consience, played by some other actor. I'd take the time to IMDB who that actor is, but I really don't care to invest any more time in this show, or it's cast. C-

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring/Winter TV Review: Game of Thrones

Not since TRUE BLOOD has HBO delivered such a satisfying new show. GAME is gorgeous, well-acted, and fast-paced. I read the book by George RR Martin in advance so that I wouldnt be lost, and I am glad I did because GAME is an epic series, and knowing what I know makes it all so worth it. Though of course, being as faithful as the show is to the source material, I don't get the surprises that come with watching it on TV as a first exposure. No worries, this is great television. Oh, and today a second season was just ordered. YAY! A+

Spring/Winter TV Review: Camelot

How good is Camelot? Well, let's just say that I ordered Starz Channel so that I wouldnt miss an episode following a preview on the 101 channel. CAMELOT is a darker, more mature, and much more faithful tellling of the King Arthur legend than SyFy's MERLIN. I love MERLIN, and just as that show ended, Starz premiered Camelot. Coincidence, or savvy programming? Joe Fiennes, who I thought was miscast in FlashForward, redeems hiimself as Merlin in this gorgeous new show. A-

Spring/Winter TV review: Happy Endings

Sometimes a show meshes so well together that you forget you're watching a pilot episode. That's what happened with ABCs HAPPY ENDINGS. Its kind of like a clone of FRIENDS, but who cares when the dialogue is this sharp. I hope it finds an audience, since it only has a few weeks to prove itself before ABC announces their new skeds for next season. A

Spring/Winter Review: The Paul Reiser Show

How sad. As a fan of NBC's MAD ABOUT YOU back in the 90s, I was excited to find out that Paul Reiser was returning to the same network in this new 'comedy'. Wow, I think Paul should have left well enough alone because this 'life of Paul Reiser' comedy misses on all levels. It also was the lowest-rate in-season premiere of any comedy in 18-49 in NBC history. Ouch! D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring/Winter TV Review: Workaholics

Remember that show TESTEES? Well, it sucked, and so does WORKAHOLICS, the new 'comedy' on Comedy Central that centers around 3 slackers who act like idiots and who, at the end of the day, come off smelling like roses (or is that week-old farts?). I laughed all of 0 seconds during this one. D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Winter/Spring Review: Gigolos

This adult 'reality' show on Showtime has something for everyone: naked guys for the ladies and gays (like me), and the naked women they fuck for the straight guys and lesbians. It's obviously staged (who cares!), but it's also fun to see these male prostitutes primp and fight in Las Vegas, ala the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo...but with adult content. Score! B

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winter/Spring Review: The Killing

Superb acting and writing undeniably make this show worth investing in, even though the gruesome subject matter weighed on me as I sat down to watch it. In a nutshell, a young girl has been murdered, with the series itself showing the mystery and aftermath through the eyes of the cast during different time periods in the investigation. Michelle Forbes (late of TRUE BLOOD) deserves an Emmy for this performance. A-

Winter/Spring TV Review: Breaking In

Best New Midseason Show on Fox! THough when the other entrants are Traffic Light (C-), Chicago Code (C-) and Bob's Burgers (D-), that isnt saying much. I think Breaking In, which centers around a high-tech security firm that breaks into businesses, has lots of potential, but I just didnt find myself laughing much in the pilot. Solid production values, check. Engaging leads in Brett 'Reaper' Harrison and Christian Slater, check. But minimal laughs and an annoying supporting cast don't do much to elevate this newbie. I saw enough to check it out again next week, but if it's much of the same, I'll be breaking Out. C+

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring/Winter TV Review: Chaos

Kudos to CBS for stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something a little more fun in tone than the usual parade of procedurals. Unfortunately, the cast is a misfire, save for lead Rodriguez, and the opener was a little plodding and not funny or absurd enough to really make me want to continue with it. And judging by the piss-poor ratings from the Friday pilot, CBS would have to agree. C

Winter/Spring TV Review: The Borgia's

How could Showtime get this wrong? How could they take one of the most decadent people in the history of Popes and make it talking and boring? Maybe future episodes will up the excitement level, but I was terribly bored out of my mind waiting for something - ANYTHING - to happen. For a show that's being compared to The Sopranos in the ads, The Borgia's is big misfire. ANd I feel bad for it because there is an obvious amount of money invested in the sets and production. But already 2 hours of my life have been wasted on the pilot, and I just don't feel like giving the show anymore of my time. D+