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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter TV Review: Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

Remember Marcel from season 2 of TOP CHEF and the recent ALL-STARS edition? If so, you know he was a polarizing personality (I was on the liking him side and was pissed when he was robbed of the winning crown). Now on SYFY he has his own reality show, which is surprisingly interesting. I was ready to give it a quick one-look because I am not a patient fan of cooking shows. But with Marcel's unique talent of preparing and making foods through scientific experiments, he creates a world of wonder that is only set-back by the usual cloying 'fake-reality' aspects of coming up with a situation and 'creating' drama for it. Still, it works, even though Marcel is once again true to his nature: a polarizing personality. Check out his hottie assistant Jarrid (WOOF!) B

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