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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Networks in Review: NBC

Of all the networks (well, except CW), NBC has been in the worst shape for the longest number of years...and as such, desperately needs to revamp their schedule for 2011/2012. Their fall output largely blew, and not a single new midseason show has broken out of the gate (though one could argue that Harry's Law does respectable business for total viewers, though lags in the 18 to 49 demo). Just how bad was the midseason line-up? Um, Perfect Couples and The Cape, which followed the horrible fall entries of Outlaw, Undercovers, Chase and The Event. Even Outsourced has slipped in its 11:30 timeslot change. Of the veteran shows, Chuck seems to have lost its luster this season (damn those budget cuts!), and The Office risks bleeding viewers once Steve Carel exits end of season. Cult shows Community and Parks & Rec are quality, but the viewers havent responded in stellar ratings. Also down in viewers are The Biggest Loser and Parenthood. That doesnt leave too many bright spots to anchor new shows come fall. The only bright spots are 30 Rock and Sunday Night Football.
If I were NBC, I would clean house and get rid of more of the poorer performers (even Chuck, though it pains me to say it.) They need to rebuild. And the pilots, on paper, look promising. I'm especially excited about 17th Precinct, Grimm, Playboy, Smash, and Are you There Vodka, Its Me Chelsea

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