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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Networks in Review: FOX

With the exception of GLEE and the minor success of RAISING HOPE, Fox had a tough time in the fall, where new shows LONESTAR and RUNNING WILD quickly tanked. Other shows then started to show signs of age, including the still-potent (for now) HOUSE and LIE TO ME. BONES was a perk, though. And FRINGE relocated to Fridays with so-so results (but did improve former occupant GOOD GUYS and was just renewed). Winter replacement shows largely failed (TRAFFIC LIGHT and BOBS BURGERS should be canned ASAP, while THE CHICAGO CODE isnt doing any better than LIE TO ME).
Then there is the phenonemon of AMERICAN IDOL which held up surprisingly well post-Simon Cowell. Thank GOD for AI, eh FOX execs?
Looking ahead is a different story...come fall 2011 FOX has two very highly anticipated new shows: TERRA NOVA and THE X FACTOR. They also have a huge utility player with JJ ABRAMS in the pilot ALCATRAZ (though JJ is no sure-fire thing, witness UNDERCOVERS for proof).
I think FOX should just chalk up this year as the calm before the storm because 2011-2012 is going to ROCK!

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