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Friday, March 25, 2011

Networks in Review: CBS

Without a doubt, CBS has been the most consistent network in terms of scripted shows for the past decade, relying almost exclusively on crime procedurals to get total viewers to sample their goods, and this season was no exception, with CBS being the only network to give all their new fall shows full-season orders (though its doubtful that THE DEFENDERS and SHIT MY DAD SAYS will get second-seaon renewals). MIKE & MOLLY, HAWAII FIVE-0 and BLUE BLOODS all did solid business, though none were ratings powerhouses (a sad theme for all new shows this year). The NCIS and CSI franchises are still top 30 contenders, and SURVIVOR and AMAZING RACE still deliver big ratings. Even the comedies did well, with TWO AND A HALF MEN soaring high before flaming out with Charlie Sheen early last month, effectively cutting the 8th season of the comedy short by 8 episodes. Mid-season shows like MAD LOVE and SUSPECT BEHAVIOR were luke warm, and LIVE TO DANCE was an out-right dud. Next up is CHAOS next week. So yeah, there are some holes to fill for next season, but nothing so dramatic that CBS needs to be shaking in their boots.

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