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Friday, January 7, 2011


LIVE TO DANCE is the best new show of the year, which is easy to write since it's the only new show of 2011 to date. Another name for this Paula Abdul-judged show could have been AMERICA'S GOT DANCE TALENT, since it follows the same sort of format of having three judges who weigh in with a Gold Star (good) or a Red Star (bad). Two or more X'es (er, Red Stars) means the dancing act doesnt advance to the Short List, which is then weeded down to the Top 18 acts that will then perform live next week. The first episode had the same mix of good and bad auditions that make the trials of America's Got Talent so much fun. Unfortunately, the acts overall really werent all that impressive to me. I saw much better talent on AGT, and that will severely hurt LIVE TO DANCE in the weeks to come. Still, it's a amiable program, just not fantastic. B-

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