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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TOP TEN favorite shows of 2010


Summer 2010 was the best summer of TV ever, for me. A few new network shows stood out as favorites, along with returning reality shows that kept me glued week to week. Plus, cable once again dominated. The results were an outstanding summertime that actually outdid a crappy fall 2010, insofar as new programming went. Here is a list of my TOP FIVE NEW SHOWS of the year, in which to qualify a show had to premiere anytime between January 1 through December 31 of 2010.

1. THE WALKING DEAD (AMC): This surprise hit came out of left field on Halloween night and soon became the biggest show ever on cable. At only 6 episodes, the first season was way too short. But a 13-ep second season should make up for all of that. Let’s hope there isn’t a sophomore slump, because I know of some zombie’s who will be pretty pissed. Or hungry.

2. Warren The Ape (MTV): One of my all-time favorite ‘Brilliant But Cancelled’ shows was the one-season Fox comedy GREG THE BUNNY. So when MTV aired WARREN THE APE I was at once happy (YAY, Warren lives) and sad (BOO, Greg is a guest star). But after a few eps, this Warren in rehab skewing with Drew Pinsky became one of my shining summer highlights in an awesome summer of new and original programming. I just hope Warren isn’t a one-season wonder, too.

3. Scoundrels (ABC): This barely-seen summer 2010 dramedy could have easily been left off my top ten list and no one would have cared. But I care, because this Virginia Madsen-starrer was one of the freshest shows of the year and deserved a better shot rather being burned off in the summer by ABC. Still, kudos for the network for trying out other new dramas ROOKIE BLUE and THE GATES, both of which sucked (no pun in the case of vampirific GATES).

4. Persons Unknown (NBC): This was an addictive, novel show that had viewers guessing until the end all summer long (too bad there wasn’t the big pay-off promised by NBC in the early promos of the show). I wish PERSONS UNKNOWN had succeeded, for it filled my vacant LOST more than any recent show has, including FLASH FORWARD and THE EVENT.

5. Better With You (ABC): The new comedy on ABC started out a bit stale but has grown increasingly funny in recent weeks, and just barely edges out the fox comedy RAISING HOPE as my favorite new situation comedy of the year. It also doesn’t hurt that REBA fave Joanna Garcia and THAT 70S SHOW fave Debra Jo Rupp co-star.


1. True Blood (HBO): Three seasons in, TRUE BLOOD is still addictive fun, though no longer the water cooler show that it was back the summer it premiered, which was also the last time we saw ample skin from Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse. Even though season 3 was an improvement over a weak season 2, the show seems to be spiraling a bit out of control with too many characters and too many creatures. I think TRUE BLOOD worked best when it was humans vs. vampires, rather than fairies and werewolves and werecats, etc. Still, I love me some TRUE BLOOD, and its still my favorite show (though just barely).

2. Community (NBC): WOW! Ever since last year’s classic paintball episode, COMMUNITY has upped the meta game. No two episodes are alike, and you just never know what to expect…and damn is this show ever funny. The ensemble has gelled, and recent claymation Christmas and a Halloween-zombie-themed episode have further cemented COMMUNITY for me. It was just snubbed for a Golden Globe, but lets hope Emmy shows it some love. And viewers, too.

3. Glee (FOX): GLEE has been on such a creative roll lately, and just about every episode is a smash. My only complaint is that the show may soon prove to be too repetitive of the same thing, which is why when a new character joins the show and sings his heart out (mmmm, that would be the blonde football stud and the new gay Warbler who made history with TEENAGE DREAM). As long as GLEE stays fresh, it will succeed.

4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS): What started out as a geeky Three’s Company (the two nerds Leonard and Sheldon and their nextdoor neighbor Penny) has now evolved into a geeky FRIENDS (thanks to Howard and Raj and Amy Farrah Fowler and Howard’s new girlfriend). A great and FUNNY comedy.

5. The Middle (ABC): If you haven’t checked out ABCs most under-rated series of the last two years, now is the time. THE MIDDLE has a great cast of flawed characters, and is consistently funny. And even though the parents are the stars, it’s the 3 wacky kids who steal the show.

6. Futurama (COMEDY CENTRAL): Its ashame that FUTURAMA never took off the way Matt Groening’s SIMPSONS did, because FUTURAMA is a helluva lot of fun, and the only animated show to ever make my TOP TEN LIST. After being canned by FOX after5 seasons, FUTURAMA was resurrected via a popular DVD push. That success led to a 6th season on COMEDY CENTRAL, YAY!


9. Project Runway (LIFETIME): After two lackluster seasons on LIFETIME, RUNWAY got its mojo back in this third season on the female network. HOWEVER, I did not like how Michael Costello was thrown under the bus by the other designers (throughout the season) and the judges (in the 2-part finale). The result? Three finalists that I hated.


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