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Friday, November 5, 2010

And then there were five...

Of the new fall network shows, the only ones still alive on my DVR are, in order of favoritism:

1. Raising Hope (FOX)
2. Outsourced (NBC)
3. Better With You (ABC)
4. BLEEP My Dad Says (CBS)
5. Mike & Molly (CBS)

Strange how all five of them are comedies, too. I just recenly deleted Nikita from my list, and The Event, No Ordinary Family and Blue Bloods are recent goners.

I can't think of a worse fall in recent years, other than the fall that followed the plagued Writers Strike. Right out of the gate the nets aired tired formulaic shows that were quickly canned (Outlaw, The Whole Truth), a docu-style drama that seemed wholly fake (My Generation), a promising drama about a louse with a heart (Lonestar), and a comedic thriller without much thrills or comedy (Undercovers). It also doesnt look good for The Defenders, Detroit 187 and Chase either.

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