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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are my five favorite new fall shows:

1. THE EVENT (NBC): In a post-LOST world I couldn't have asked for a better replacement as I'm already jonesing for the planned Terry O Quinn/Michael Emerson dramedy next season on NBC. For now, my fave actor Jason Ritter is doing a bang-up job headlining this trippy mystery thriller. Two weeks in and I am hooked. NBC scores with the number one new fall show (though NBC also has my least favorite new show in OUTLAW with a D-). THE EVENT plays much better than the ill-fated FLASH FORWARD, which never did capture my attention the way THE EVENT has. A+

2. OUTSOURCED (NBC): Comedies far and away were my favorite shows of the fall, and two weeks in I give OUTSOURCED the edge over entries from ABC, CBS and FOX. Ben Rappaport and Pippa Locke are gorgeous, and the comedy of this fish out of water who lands in India improved upon the original. Its a great fit behind the other workplace comedy THE OFFICE. A

3. RAISING HOPE (FOX) Greg Garcia of MY NAME IS EARL scores again, only this show is much more likeable to me. You wouldn't think a comedy about a guy who fathers the baby to a one-night-stand who gets the electric chair in the first five minutes of the pilot would be funny. But with Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman on tap to provide the funny, this one is a riot. A

4. NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC): The uneven pilot is all I've seen so far, but it has a great set-up and central mystery to keep viewers hooked. I also love the tone: family drama, crime procedural and comedy. Hoping this one continues it's promising journey (and ratings). A-

5. BETTER WITH YOU (ABC): This comedy improved on its pilot. It stars a couple faves of mine, Joanna Garcia of REBA and Debra Jo Rupp or THAT 70S SHOW, and is about three couples at different stages of their relationship. Real potential, but isnt quite there yet. A-


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