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Friday, September 10, 2010


Here are the 10 shows I am most looking forward to seeing this fall:

1. BETTER WITH YOU (ABC) I am a HUGE Joanna Garcia (REBA) fan, and with THAT 70's SHOW's Debra RUffman (Kitty) on board as the mom, that's just icing on the cake. I also think BETTER WITH YOU has a strong shot at being successful, since it is sandwiched between the buzzy THE MIDDLE and MODERN FAMILY on Wednesday nights.

2. THE EVENT (NBC) Again, casting is what initialy drives me to THE EVENT. I love, love LOVE Jason Ritter (THE CLASS and PARENTHOOD). His father would be so proud of Jason's accomplishments, and I know that he will bring a likeability to the lead actor in THE EVENT that Joseph Fiennes failed to bring to FLASH FORWARD last year. With LOST also gone, I am jonesing for another sprawling piece of weekly entertainment. I have high hopes that THE EVENT will deliver.

3. LONE STAR (FOX) This one from FOX was pretty low on my Must-See list until I started reading from critics how GOOD it is. I miss the days of DALLAS (though TNT is working on a revamp..YAY!), and this Texas-based show could provide some really tasty moments of fun. Go Texas!

4. BLEEP MY DAD SAYS (CBS) I read the book, it was funny. But will Shatner translate well as the Dad in the title? He can be polarizing, but with a position following the hot BIG BANG on Thursday nights, BLEEP has every chance to succeed...so long as it is funny.

5. NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC) Do we really need another superhero show? I cant stomach HEROES, sorry. But this one promises to be lighter in tone. That will help.

6. HAWAII FIVE-O (CBS) I'll be watching for the theme song alone. Oh, and the eye candy provided by Alex O Laughlin.

7. RAISING HOPE (FOX) Great early reviews moved this comedy up the line. Cant wait to see what Cloris Leachman brings to the table.

8. MIKE & MOLLY (CBS) If Chuck Lorre's new comedy has a heart like his BIG BANG THEORY, then I will love MIKE and MOLLY. But if the fat jokes are snarky and mean-spirited (as seen in Lorre's TWO AND A HALF MEN), then I will tune this one out.

9. OUTSOURCED (NBC) It'a all in the tone, and so far critics havent been too impressed with OUTSOURCED. Then again, they hated PARKS & RECREATION, too, until Amy Poehler's show found its grooeve.

10. UNDERCOVERS (NBC) JJ Abrams cant go wrong (LOST, ALIAS, FELICITY). Or can he? (SIX DEGREES)

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