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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


WARREN THE APE: OMFG! Warren the puppet lives! To any GREG THE BUNNY fan (that brilliant but cancelled FOX series from the mid-aughts), the return of Warren to MTV is BIG NEWS! I became a fan of GREG THE BUNNY when I bought the DVD of the show, and for a few years I actually felt sad thinking about the puppets being stuck on some shelf in LA gathering mold and dust. To see Warren speak again very nearly brought tears to my eyes (and upcoming previews show Greg the Bunny living on again too..along with Seth Green in a live-action role). To the uninitiated, Warren is a boozy, drug-using womanizer who, in the opener, enlists Drew Pinsky to help him with his addictions. A funny new character in the form of Chauncey the Bear (with the big dick who wins Newcummer of the Year at the AVN show) very nearly steals the show. WARREN THE APE is not as sweet as GREG THE BUNNY, but that's okay. And so far WARREN hasnt hit the comedy highs of the FOX original. But DAMN does it ever feel good to have these puppets back in the mainstream! A-

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