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Monday, June 7, 2010


Going into this HBO show, I had no idea of who the Neistat brothers were; and after 5 minutes, I didn't care. Using video footage of the two bros growing up, I found the show to be something of a vanity project for these guys. No doubt they are talented, but I just didn't see the point to the show, other than it being two guys using their creative minds to create short films using their vast library of personal photos and video shot over the years. But then mid-way through something AMAZING happened: I got emotional! When the older brother sets up a camera and meets his biological father for the first time, I 'got it'. And when the younger brother presents a card where his 8 year old-ish son writes how he wants to be just like dad when he grows up and makes movies, I lost it. In a way, this is gonzo TV that seduces the viewer into the amazingly talented and creative minds of the Neistat brothers. It might not be something for everyone, and might just be kinda painful at times, but I look forward to the next 7 installments to air this summer. B+

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