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Sunday, May 16, 2010


#1: GLEE (FOX) I had two favorite new shows that were running neck and neck most of the season, but I gave the edge to GLEE because of the sheer amount of work and creativity that goes into each hour to make this show the phenomenon that is. I cringe to think of all the logistics involved with music choice, interpretation, choreography...plus the off-the-wall writing and casting and acting and directing, etc. This show is HUGE, and so deserves all the accolades being heaped upon it. GLEE is also the first successful musical tv series EVER. Take that, FAME and VIVA LAUGHLIN and, gulp, COP ROCK. Let's hope the show doesnt burn out too quickly.

#2: THE MIDDLE (ABC) Surprised? Yeah, MODERN FAMILY stole most of the ABC glory, but it's this small, well-acted family comedy that truly captures my heart every week and makes me want to laugh out loud silly with kids Axle (nice boxers!), Sue (nice braces!), and Brick (nice book! booooook!). An early renewal seemed like a miracle when this show first aired, and why? YOU try following the dismal HANK and still stay hot.

#3: MODERN FAMILY (ABC) Okay, and see? I don't hate MODERN FAMILY either! Totally funny show with an ever-engaging cast. I can't say I was a fan right out of the gate, but the recent trip to Hawaii episode totally sealed the deal. I am a fan. Go Cam and Mitchell!

#4: COMMUNITY (NBC): Thursday nights just got a whole lot more fun with the tonally-perfect COMMUNITY starring Soup-guy Joel McHale. But it's the ensemble that truly makes this show stand out. Troy and Ahbed are HIGHLARIOUS! And who knew Chevy Chase would make such a nice comeback this late in his career. Go senor!

#5 COUGAR TOWN (ABC): Completing a total-comedy TOP FIVE is Courtney Cox's terribly-titled sitcome that started out about a 40-ish woman dating younger guys and turned into her next FRIENDS. I DO love the acerbic Barb, and fear she will be dropped if ABC changes the title of this still-percolating sitcome. Oh, and FREAKS & GEEKS's Kimmy, aka the wonderful BUsy Phillips, is B.RILLIANT in COUGAR TOWN.

HONORABLE MENTION: Just missing the list are two sci-fi shows, both picked up for next season, STARGATE UNIVERSE and ABC's redo of V.

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