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Sunday, April 4, 2010

WINTER TV REVIEW: Good Luck, Charlie

I fully expected to hate this show. Or in the very least it would be a 'just watch the pilot, review it and move on' kind of show. But damn if I havent added CHARLIE to my DVR line-up. Lead Bridgit Medler is a total find, a star in the making. She shines in her role as the eldest daughter of 4 kiddies. The parents are predictably dumb, and the writing is rather droll, but this is Disney, after all. Plus, the pilot had one especially funny laugh out loud moment when the dad falls down the stairs throwing the baby up in the air. Sounds sad, but its HILARIOUS! Perhaps I am raving more than this show deserves, so let's just say I was very pleasantly surprised with the show, so Good Luck, CHARLIE! B-

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