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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SPRING TV REVIEW: Romantically Challenged

More like, humor challenged. Outside of a few laugh from the supporting cast, there really wasnt much to fall in love with in Alyssa Milano's return to situation comedy (remember her from WHO'S THE BOSS?). Her new series isn't anything we havent seen before, so for a show like this to work it needs a strong cast and good writing. But when Alyssa is the weakest link in her own show, well, that can't be good. If you want to watch friends being funny as they navigate relationships, stick with HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, COUGAR TOWN and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. C

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I was slow to screen PARENTHOOD, so pardon the late-ness, as each new show i review will now be a Spring Tv show. I saw PARENTHOOD as a cross between MODERN FAMILY (A show i like) and BROTHERS & SISTERS ( a show I gave up on in season one). It's an hour long, but is solid entertainment, and just the kind of show NBC needs to help rebuild it's damaged schedule. With ratings decent, looks like they found a hit (in NBC terms, that is). I liked the cast, the writing was witty, and the show has the potential to draw you in and keep you viewing as you watch this family go through trials and tribulations of life. B+


Even though this is a limited-run 10-episode series on HBO, I still felt THE PACIFIC warranted mentioning as a series, mini or not. Hell, at 10 episodes it will have lasted longer than ABC's HANK or Fox's SONS OF TUCSON ever did. So, THE PACIFIC: WOW. What an amazing, gripping, terrifying, exhilerating show. The score is amazing, and the cinematography is A-list all the way. Look for THE PACIFIC to score come Emmy time. I have only seen the first episode, and it is wisely tame compared to what I can only imagine is what to come. This is the kind of series that I think will get more engrossing as time goes on, but still starts out as premium artistic entertainment. A+

Sunday, April 4, 2010

WINTER TV REVIEW: Good Luck, Charlie

I fully expected to hate this show. Or in the very least it would be a 'just watch the pilot, review it and move on' kind of show. But damn if I havent added CHARLIE to my DVR line-up. Lead Bridgit Medler is a total find, a star in the making. She shines in her role as the eldest daughter of 4 kiddies. The parents are predictably dumb, and the writing is rather droll, but this is Disney, after all. Plus, the pilot had one especially funny laugh out loud moment when the dad falls down the stairs throwing the baby up in the air. Sounds sad, but its HILARIOUS! Perhaps I am raving more than this show deserves, so let's just say I was very pleasantly surprised with the show, so Good Luck, CHARLIE! B-


I think it's time for the networks to put a moratorium on the TV hospital medical drama for a few years. Really, after the sensational 14-year ER where else could they go? This year alone, MERCY, TRAUMA and THREE RIVERS all tanked (not to mention HawthorRNe on cable...which will tank soon enough). Outside of NURSE JACKIE (which wisely takes a comedic look at hospital drama), nothing else has worked, including the latest, MIAMI MEDICAL on CBS. The cast is less than thrilling, the storyline is a seen-it-all-before stew that uses graphic scenes of traumatic events to reel you in. Sure, I shouldnt have watched it after eating dinner, but still, BLECH! Skip it. D+