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Monday, March 22, 2010

WINTER TV REVIEW: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

This is a tricky review because it encompasses so many different things. The premise of the series is Jamie spending 4 months in Huntington Virginia, the CDC's listing as the fattest city in the world. Jamie's efforts on the show are to go into the schools, homes and politics of the city and reform it. Brave, yes, but he is met with ugly americans, notably lunch lady Alice. It's a show that cues the music to make you cry, then chimes in with ugly music whenever Alice appears. Yep, she's 'the villain' of this show. As with most reality, I am always second-guessing the action to determine what is staged and what is not. I sorta like the show, but I feel VERY manipulated at times. So in the end, I like Jamie, I like his mission, but I dont like being played. I also don't care much to see the rest of the series, and that's just not revolutionary enough..for me. C-

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