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Friday, March 5, 2010

What makes an AMERICAN IDOL?

My friends and I raised this question recently when we compared the sexiness of Tim Urban, who doesnt have the commanding vocal chops of someone like Andrew Garcia. But where Garcia oozes zero stage presence, the guy CAN croon. But can Garcia's mug sell records? I don't think he can, whereas all Tim Urban has to do is look at me with his puppy-dog eyes and shit-grin smile and I M.E.L.T. In the recording studio, anyone's voice can be made to sound better (ahem, Paula Abdul). And with some further training and experience, I think it's Tim Urban who's more the real deal (speaking AMERICAN IDOL expectations, solely) than someone like Garcia. Does Tim deserve to win this year? No way! There are soooo many wickedly talented girls this year that it would be robbery if Tim won, which I have no expectations he will. However, I DO think he will coast into the Top Twelve on his looks alone, assuming he doesnt totally fall on his ass next week before the Top Twelve are announced. So of the guys, I want Tim in there, for sure, as well as Todrick (hottie and very talented.,..he OWNS the stage). The rest of the guys are all kinda forgettable for me. That Aaron Kelly and the guy with the mullet...they just seem so insecure on the stage, and I am tired of their 'aw shucks, sir' politeness. Big Mike just kinda annoys me with his near-bully-like 'tude. The other two, blondie Kurt Cobain lookalike and the guy from Chicago (obviously these two havent made a big impression on me yet since i cant remember their names yet), will make it to the final 6 guys, too. But it's Tim Urban with his Idol-ready looks and presence that make me want to call and vote for him, even though he doesnt have the best male vocals. But I'd buy his stuff, for SURE! Ultimately, what I hope happens to Tim is what Ellen told him on the stage this week: that he would be great as an actor on GLEE! Hell yeah, if that happened, DING DANG! That would be sooooo awesome, dawgs!

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