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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pilot Season: Snooooooze

As a genre TV fan, I am less than thrilled about what the nets are developing for next fall. Whereas the past few seasons have been rife with genre TV thanks to LOST and HEROES (i.e., THRESHOLD, SURFACE, INVASION, PUSHING DAISIES, REAPER, FLASHFORWARD, V), the only kinda-genre show on the map is the family of heroes show NO ORDINARY FAMILY on ABC. That's a HUGE bummer, especially since LOST ends this year, HEROES should end this year, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ended last year, and V and FLASHFORWARD failed to make an impact this year. SYFY at least is continuing on with CAPRICA and STARGATE: UNIVERSE. So, with genre, not looking good.

BUT, I love me some situation comedies, and after ABCs success with THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN, comedy is making a huge comeback. ABC has 11 new pilots on tap, and NBC and CBS are also very much in the comedy game. Which makes sense, since when a comedy hits, its syndication rewards really pay off. Only THE CW finds itself without comedy on its table.

Genre, bad; Comedy: good. Crime procedurals? BLECH! There seems to be no end in sight for these types of shows, which bums me out. I hate CSI and LAW & ORDER (though I am happy to see the NBC show make its historic 21st season come fall). Another CRIMINAL MINDS is coming, as is a new LAW & ORDER, set in LA. Eventually the day will come when people will be frakkin tired of these shows. I hope that day comes soon! The only pilots in this field I am looking forward to are remakes: HAWAII FIVE-0 on CBS, THE ROCKFORD FILES on NBC and CHARLIE'S ANGELS on ABC.

Where does reality stand? LOL. The days of new reality shows hitting the big-time seem to be over (save for the occassional fluke like UNDERCOVER BOSS, which needed the Super Bowl to make it click. And even that show, by fall, should crumble significantly, so says my crystal ball). AMERICAN IDOL, BIGGEST LOSER, BACHELOR, SURVIVOR...these shows are still huge, but newbies making it big, not so much. HOWEVER, all bets are off come Fall 2011 when FOX brings Simon Cowell's THE X FACTOR to the waves.

1 comment:

Stan said...

I've never been a real big fan of the CSI type shows either. How many fucking murders can you watch. About the only good thing about CSI that I like is the male eye candy and fabulous Miami.
I watched the Bachelor just for laughs. That show is so preposterous! I laugh my ass off at those bitches. I always think of the Stepford Wives when I watch it. LOL!