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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday it was announced that the entire NBC Thursday comedy lineup of COMMUNITY, PARKS & REC, THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK will all be back for the 2010/2011 season. Whether or not all four shows keep their current timeslots will depend on NBCs comedy development of pilots. I imagine NBC will done a slight tinkering, maybe moving one of those shows out of its current spot to allow a preview of a new show, or NBC may do what ABC did last year and launch an hour or two of totally new comedy shows on Wednesday night. Personally, I think NBC should leave Thursdays alone and let the comedy shows find their own footing. It's an awesome line-up, and one that I don't want to see messed up. After the terrible KATH & KIM and the uninteresting MY NAME IS EARL, I think NBC finally has it's MUST SEE groove back on.

I'm still jumping with joy to see COMMUNITY back. That, and PARKS, are my two fave new shows. I still love THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK, but they've established themselves, whereas the first two were underdogs much of the season. COMMUNITY ranks #3 in my FAVE NEW SHOWS LINE-UP (THE MIDDLE and GLEE taking the top two spots, and V and MODERN FAMILY ranking 4 and 5.)

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