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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES seems...well, desperate

Or maybe stale is the better word. Six years in, things have gotten rather ho-hum on Wisteria Lane. The Drea Matteo storyline is the least-exciting 'seaons-long mystery' yet. In the words of Joy Behar, as acted out by Fred Armisen on Saturday Night Live, "so what? Who cares?" Rumor has it that Teri Hatcher's Susan character will be offed next year, the show's seventh. That would be a huge welcome relief because some new blood is DEFINITELY needed. At one time I would have loved to have seen Heather Locklear join the cast. And I still would, since she was sorely wasted on MELROSE PLACE this year. I also think it's time for one of the long-term couples to finally call it quits. Either Gabby needs a new man, or Lynette does. Don't get me wrong, I like Carlos and Tom, and I fully support that one of the two pairings needs to be with the series til its death days, but having BOTH couples still together just tires things up. I guess Tom and Lynette, in my mind, have the more traditional safe view of parenthood, what with all the kids. So maybe toss Carlos aside for a younger himbo for Gabby to love and perish. hehe.
That leaves Bree. Oh so wonderful Bree! Marcia Cross's portrayal of the redhead anal retentive superwoman has never bored me. Her character can do no wrong. Give this chick an Emmy!
I would also like to see the gay couple, Bob and Lee get more airtime. But yeah, I'm a little biased there.
I give the DESPERATE show in it's sixth cycle a C-.
SEASON 1 (The First, and Best): Central Mystery: The Mary Alice suicide. A+
SEASON 2: The Applegate woman and the boy in the basement. Blech! C
SEASON 3: Orson's crazy dead first redhead wife storyline: B+
SEASON 4: Katherine Mayfair's psycho hubby storyline: B
SEASON 5: Crazy Neal MccDonough's parental revenge storyline: B-

1 comment:

Stan said...

I stopped watching Desperate Housewives a while ago. I got bored when the gay son of one of the bitches didn't seem to get much story line. Same thing with the gay neighbor couple. The only reason I watched was to see where the gay characters would go. Well the usual: nowhere.
And don't get me started on Brothers and Sisters where Kevin & Scotty are trying to get a baby. Puleeze! When if ever will we get gay characters that reflect the REAL world?
All in all I watch very little network programs any more. Thank goodness for HBO, Showtime and Bravo, HGTV etc.