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Friday, March 19, 2010

CHecking in with the networks...

ABC: Oh, ABC....you've come so far in the past, but yet you cancel fun shows before their time (PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY) and don't give sure-fire hits a chance (FOOTBALLER WIVES). This season you fumbled FLASHFORWARD, LOST is done, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is looking desperate, and BETTER OFF TED is sorta dead. Your shining star is V, so please don't fuck up and cancel it. Thank GOD you gave us THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN, all of which were renewed early. So I know you have it in you to greenlight CHARLIE'S ANGELS for next year. Just PLEASE dont go changing the tone of that series. I don't want a rehash horror like I got with NBCs BIONIC WOMAN and KNIGHT RIDER. Keep ANGLES light and frothy and jiggly. I am gay, and its okay to show some female skin. But maybe a male angel would be fun, too? I digress, back to this season: I am happy Nathan Fillion has a hit with CASTLE. I was getting worried about him after FIREFLY and DRIVE tanked. I don't care much for GREYS or PRIVATE PRACTICE or BACHELOR or DANCING WITH THE STARS or SUPERNANNY or BROTHERS & SISTERS. But that's okay so long as you're okay. ANd as one of the only networks developing ANYTHING genre-related, please also greenlight NO ORDINARY FAMILY to series...and make it fun like THE INCREDIBLES instead of dark like HEROES. ABC, you've done okay this year. Now do GREAT come fall.

FOX: Going into the season, there wasn't all that much I was excited about with FOX. At that point in time (SEPT 2009), I had only seen the pilot of GLEE and hadnt yet gotten hooked enough on the show (it has since become my second favorite series in all of tv land). Now as the season comes to an end, I am liking more about FOX than I thought I ever would. After GLEE, I am once again a fan of AMERICAN IDOL (thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, which got me to tune in, then the hotness of Tim Urban kept me intrigued. Now I am all about Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox. Go Ladies! Along the way, I took a liking to HUMAN TARGET, though its not must-see TV for me. And I plan to get into FRINGE over the summer with seasons 1 and 2 now that I know the series has been picked up for a third. As for their Animation Domination, I love AMERICAN DAD, dig SIMPSONS, also dig CLEVELAND BROWN, but hate FAMILY GUY. Go figure. As for you SONS OF TUCSON, you are still on my DVR to check out. BOMBS AWAY to PAST LIFE. Hated it. And 24 and LIE TO ME never caught my attention, so no losses there if they don't return).

NBC: After 5 years of going from tops (FRIENDS and ER) to bottoms (JAY LENO SHOW), you FINALLY got rid of Ben Silverman and Conan O Brien, and for once you actually have some buzz (MARRIAGE REF and PARENTHOOD). I love your Thursday comedies (COMMUNITY, 30 ROCK, PARK and REC and THE OFFICE), and would love for you to develop 2 more comedies for fall. Also, be sure to bring back CHUCK for a fourth season. That will give that show enough episodes to go into syndication, not to mention, I love CHUCK! Now that JAY LENO is gone, you have a great opportunity to throw a whole slew of new shows at us come fall...and I know some will stick! Once you get a hit or two, that buzz will build into more buzz and YOU WILL COME BACK STRONG! I am rooting for you, NBC!

CBS: Poor, poor, CBS. SInce I am not a crime procedural nut, I have pretty much turned my nose up to all your hits (NCIS, CSI, CRIMINAL MINDS, THE MENTALIST, GOOD WIFE, blah blah blah). The only shows that work for me are your comedies (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, NEW CHRISTINE, BIG BANG THEORY and TWO.FIVE MEN). Didn't like GARY UNMARRIED or ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, so dump them and give us even more comedic reasons to tune in to you. As for fall, i hear you have more, UGH, crime shows on the way. Okay, well, the only one you BETTER greenlight is the new HAWAII FIVE-O. I am looking forward to seeing hottie Alex Laughlin, LOST's Daniel Dae Kim and Battlestar Galactica's GRACE PARK. Plus, its HAWAII! YAY!

CW: You somehow fucked it up with MELROSE PLACE, which sucks because I wanted that show to succeed! I loved the original, but seeing how you wasted Heather Locklear and Laura Leighton, it's no wonder the show tanked. The new cast royally sucked, even worse than your 90210 show. YOu know, if your network wasn't so fucking focused on teens (gag me ONE TREE HILL and GOSSIP GIRL), maybe you'd have a bigger audience. So yeah, I am mad you messed with MELROSE (which also means there won't be a rush of nighttime soap pilots..i was wanting a new DYNASTY, dudes!) But I HAVE to congrattie you guys for renewing SUPERNATURAL for a sixth season and SMALLVILLE for a tenth. As for VAMPIRE DIAIRIES? Whatevs!

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