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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL...Who's Touring?

On tonight's AMERICAN IDOL, America will know which 10 performers will be touring. Now, I know that Tim Urban is this year's Sanjaya to many, but I also see a sexy guy who can rock a swimsuit. He has that IT charisma thing that none of the other guys come close to. For that alone, Tim SHOULD have been praised better by the judges last night. Don't they realize that someone like Tim is going to get tween girls and gay men's attention? Really, isnt Tim Urban a better sexualized draw to the tour than the dumpy, forgettable Andrew Garcia? All along I have said that Tim doesn't deserve to win (that honor should go to Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus). And based on last night's show, I thought Andrew Garcia and Paige performed WAY worse than Tim. Tim had fun, and pulled off what Andrew tried to do. Further, Andrew's cockiness and I LOVE YOU EVERYONE speech left me gagging. My pick to send home is Andrew. Paige also hasnt impressed, but I see her more for the tour than anyone else. By the way, since the judges were so harsh on Tim last night, I bet Tim's fans all voted like mad to keep him in. I voted 7 times for him. LOL

So, in order of how I think they should rank from Winner to 10th place, here is my personal listing:

1. Siobhan Magnus (Hard because Crystal is right up there with her in my eyes)
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Aaron Kelly
4. Lee Dewyze
5. Tim Urban
6. Didi Benami
7. Casey James
8. Michael Lynche
9. Katie
10. Paige

FYI: It's ashame that Lily Scott isnt listed. If she had survived the TOP 12, I would have ranked her 3rd or 4th.

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