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Friday, February 26, 2010


FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS on HBO is the TV version of the popular online site that gained in popularity during the TV Writers Strike 2 years ago. Based on the first installment, FODP apparently is going to pretty hit and miss. I thought the first episode had some pretty UNfunny bits, and I hear the second episode doesnt improve at all. But these shows, like SNL, arent always on fire. For now, promising, at best. B

WRONG DOOR: I stumbled upon this show on accident while i was surfing the IFC channel on my DVR. I took a gamble and recorded the first episode, which came out in 2009, i believe. Guess what? It was fucking hysterical from almost the first clip to the last. In fact, for the last two days i have been pretending to be 'The Most Annoying Soldier in The World', a hotdog-loving, Yahtzee playing imp that terrorized those he meets. A

1 comment:

Stan said...

I saw FUNNY OR DIE on the menu of the IFC channel but passed it up. Now I'll have to check it out according to your review.