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Friday, February 26, 2010

WINTER TV REVIEW: How to Make it in America

This new HBO show from the creators of ENTOURAGE feels very much like that show, at times. But it's also MUCH more. Whereas ENTOURAGE cast four douches riding Vince's success to the top of the acting food chain, HOW TO shows two douches struggling to win the American dream. And it works. I gave up on ENTOURAGE because I grew tired of watching guys party, then whine when things didnt go their spoiled-brat-asses way. With the HOW TO guys, I can see myself in them...not financially where I want to be, having a dream to succeed, and living it out. B-


Stan said...

I agree. ENTOURAGE was good for the first couple of seasons but it's grown tired and boring. From what I've seen of "How to" I like very much because it seems more real and what I can identify with in NYC rather then out there in La La land with ENTOURAGE.

Sean Storm said...

Thanks for the comment, Stan. I had read bad reviews for HOW TO, so it was refreshing that someone else shared my liking for the new show. I can't say it's classic great HBO, but it definitely has kept my interest going into week 4. I appreciate the feedback once again and look forward to more of your thoughts, and other people's, too.