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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MY FAVORITE ABC SHOWS: Which ones are coming back this fall?

*BETTER OFF TED: This is one awesome little comedy that just never found the right audience. Blame ABC for always pairing it with a weak SCRUBS, and also burying it last summer in a timeslot that no one knew about. In short, TED is ending. Andrea Anders, who plays Ted's worker-buddy and one-time fuckbud, has already snagged the lead opposite Matthew Perry in the pilot MR SUNSHINE. She has already worked with Matt LeBlanc from two seasons of JOEY, and was also in the bRilliant bUt cAncelled THE CLASS. But I digress...TED is dead.
*COUGAR TOWN: ALready renewed. If ABC picks up the aforementioned Perry sitcom MR SUNSHINE, COUGAR and SUNSHINE would make for a "Friend"-ly pairing.
*THE MIDDLE and MODERN FAMILY: Speaking of friendly pairings, ABC should match these two sitcoms up from 9 to 10 on Wedn, or even 8 to 9 come fall. Oh, both have already been renewed for 2010-2011. YAY!
*DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: It's a no-brainer for renewal. Question is, will season 7 be the last for creator Marc Cherry. That's all he is contractually obliged to. Let's hope so. Even though the buzz for DH has waned, its still a top hit for ABC, even if this year has been a creative bore.
*EASTWICK: An early fave of mine, E grew stale by Xmas and was off the air. It's officially been cancelled.
*LOST: This is the epic show's 6th and final season.
*SCRUBS: Could THIS year be the year that "the show that never dies" , well, dies? Yep.
*UGLY BETTY: After four years of the same ole, same ole, BETTY and Mode become fashion history. The series wraps up for good in April. Oh papi!
*V: One of my favorite new shows of the season! It only had 4 eps to find an audience, so the question remains if anyone will still stick around for it when it returns. This show is a TRUE Bubble Show. Save it now!

(The above were my favorite ABC shows. Of the rest, here's what will surely return: THE BACHELOR, BROTHERS & SISTERS, CASTLE, DANCING WITH THE STARS, GREY'S ANATOMY, and PRIVATE PRACTICE. Gone will be DEEP END, THE FORGOTTEN and the already-canned HANK. FLASHFORWARD is totally on the bubble, but something tells me it will return. Of course, it all depends on how well it does when it makes a return in March.

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