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Saturday, November 7, 2009


There are four films this year that I HAVE to see in theaters. In order, they are:

1. AVATAR: This James Cameron movie is his first since TITANIC, and one of the first movies to truly show live-action 3D in a HUGE canvass of a film. What is all the hype about? On Dec. 18 we get to find out.

2. 2012: A movie that was MEANT to be seen in theaters, in all it's destructive glory. They are calling this disaster porn for a reason.

3. A CHRISTMAS CAROL IN 3D: Speaking of 3D, here is the holiday charmer of the season. Like POLAR EXPRESS before it, CAROL is certain to be a perennial fave.

4. NINE: Rob Marshall's first musical since CHICAGO. With an all-star cast singing and dancing, I am ready for an adult musical to get me over recent failures FAME, BANDSLAM and REPO: A GENETIC OPERA.

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