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Sunday, November 8, 2009

PROJECT RUNWAY: Who's Going to the Park?

Last month I made my predictions from the final 7 on who the final 3 would be. At the time I predicted Irina, Althea and Christopher (though I also called him a long-shot). HOnestly, at the time, I only felt Irina and Althea were talented enough to go all the way. But then Carol Hannah stepped up her game in the last couple of weeks, even winning a challenge. And in the end, the three prettiest women left on the show got the nod to bo to Bryant Park.

THE MEN: As predicted, each of the final 3 men fell, starting with Nicholas, then (shocker! NOT) Logan, and, finally, Christopher. With Chris, my heart wanted him to go, but deep down I knew he didnt deserve it, as did the judges. With schooling and formal training, Christopher has a shot at making it in the business, but he's too green for NY Fashion Week.

BYE GORDANNA: A noble effort, but, as the judges said, I never got a sense of what her signature look is as a designer. Plus, her age is working against her at this point in the game. Seeing her leave was a welcome relief.

CHARLIE'S ANGLES: Of the 3 finalists, Meana Irina was a no-brainer. I was a tad worried to see Althea in the bottom two, but am glad the judges advanced her. The wonderful surprise of the hour was the greenlight for Carol Hannah. On a purely personal level, I want Carol Hannah to win. Next, Althea, then Irina the bitch. With Irina, there is no doubt she can sew flawless dresses and outerwear, but I still think her aesthetic is stuck in the 80s past. Althea seems to have the best sense of going fashion-forward, and I predict Althea will win. I will go with Irina for #2 (hehe), and Carol Hannah for third place. Though, I gotta say this: Carol Hannah has surprised me in the past, and it would make my day to see her upset the competition and win the dang thing!

As for this cycle overall? SNOOOOOOZE! And PLEASE let's get a guy designer to Bryant Park next time. There hasnt been one since Christian Siriano won in cycle 4.

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