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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall TV Review 2009: V

We are coming to the end of the Fall TV Reviews for 2009, for soon the winter 2009 shows will start up (Which, for my blog purposes, will begin with any shows premiering after January 1st). Very few new shows premiere in December because of the holidays. But that's not important right now, right? Because it's all about "V".

I remember seeing the original V on NBC as a kid. I loved the two miniseries and was a huge fan of the short-lived series. I was pretty upset when it was cancelled. I havent seen the original since it first aired, so maybe if I watched it now it won't seem as awesome. But from my memories, comparing the new ABC V to the NBC original, just doesnt seem fair, since so much has evolved with computer graphics and technology.

In the new V, I have been happily engrossed in the new cast. The pilot was great, and I look forward to the next two episodes before the show disappears in December (again, the holidays) and returns in early 2010. Whereas FLASHFORWARD is a chore to muddle through, V zips along and leaves me wanting more at the end of the hour. Now THATs a good sign!


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