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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


NEW SHOWS: The Eye network had among the fewest number of new shows this fall (again). That's because of the continuing popularity of CBS' procedurals, which, after 10 years, shows no signs of wearing down (though I wish they would since I am not a fan). Of the new shows that aired, CBS had a huge success with NCIS: LOS ANGELES and middling success with THE GOOD WIFE (started hot, but has since cooled considerably). The weak links were ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE and the soon-to-be-canned THREE RIVERS. GRADE: B

RETURNING SHOWS: NCIS continues to shine brightly, but all three CSI shows are showing their age in the ratings. CBS shouldnt worry for a couple years, but with continued erosion (albeit in baby chunks) of CRIMINAL MINDS, the CSIs, and COLD CASE, when the bottom drops on procedural TV, its going to be gruesome. SURVIVOR continues to slip, but AMAZING RACE perked up. Monday comedies look GREAT, with BIG BANG posting its best ratings ever. And the CBS Friday lineup looks solid with MEDIUM joining GHOST WHISPERER. Sorry, NUMBERS, but yours is up. And THE MENTALIST was a great move to Thursday. NEW ADVENTURES OF CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED? Sorry!

LOOKING AHEAD: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT should take over ACCIDENTALLY, I hope. Then CBS also has MIAMI TRUAMA. But otherwise, there's not much in the pipeline until next year when HAWAII FIVE-O and the new CRIMINAL MINDS spin-off should make some noise.

MONDAY: With a solid block of comedies, and CSI MIAMI on tap, this is a terrific night for CBS. GRADE: A

TUESDAY: NCIS is explosive, which has helped spin-off LA rack great numbers. Without them, THE GOOD WIFE would have been cancelled, but with the trickle effect, even Juliana's show has succeeded. GRADE: A+

WEDNESDAY: Two weak comedies lower the averages for CRIMINAL MINDS and CSI: NY. Grade: C+

THURSDAY: They are old in the tooth, but they bring in lots of viewrs, even though their 18 to 49 demo is weak. Maybe its time to mix up SURVIVOR and CSI. Wait, that's why they brought THE MENTALIST over to the night. My advice? Switch THE MENTALIST and CSI, keeping all three CSIs in the 10 to 11 slot. GRADE: A-

FRIDAY: CBS pretty much owns the night, even the expectations are lower for GHOST WHISPERER, MEDIUM and NUMB3RS. GRADE: B

SUNDAY: 60 MINUTES is still keeping it real, as is AMAZING RACE. But THREE RIVERS and COLD CASE are a drag. GRADE: C+


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