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Friday, October 16, 2009


Now that the design field has been whittled down, it's becoming clearer who should emerge as Bryant Park material.

THE MEN: Overall, DISAPPOINTING! The most talented guy from this season is already gone (Ra'mon), and of the remaining guys, the two hotties (Christopher and Logan) have been alternating in the bottom two the last several weeks. I hate to say it, but I don't think a guy is going to win this year, unless fan favorite Christopher can step up his game. What's refreshing about Christopher is that he has no formal training. With schooling, he should go far in this industry. But winning RUNWAY? A longshot. As for Logan, he has coasted by on his charm and good looks. He doesnt seem to have the aesthetic to win. Odd man out is the love him or hate him Nicholas, who seems a little too bizarre to win it all. If the producers want to advance a guy to the final three, my money would be on Christopher.

THE WOMEN: Overall, AWESOME! And pretty (except for Gordanna, who has age going against her). Gordanna's dresses also run middling to bad, and she will be the next to go of the women. Carol Hannah will also go home. The two women going to Bryant Park will be Irina and Althea. And even though Irina's bitchiness turns me off, she has a strong chance of winning the entire show.

BRYANT PARK: It could be all-female race against (like last year's finale). But I have a feeling that Christopher will be snuck in to compete with Althea and Irina. As I said, Irina could win the whole thing, but Althea is a strong shot, too.

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