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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Returning Shows 2009: Report Card

*DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: The addition of Drea Matteo and her brood doesn't excite me. The show feels stale this year, with Bree a shell of her former fierce self and Susan a more annoying bitch than ever before. Plus, Katherine's character is a pathetic mess, and the awesome Edie is, well, still dead. Let's hope that doesnt go for this show, either. GRADE: B-
*UGLY BETTY: For the first time since season 1, we are experiencing through Betty's eyes what it's like to move on up in the world. The show's soundtrack has been kicked up several notches, and the blossoming mentoring chemistry between Marc and Justin is awesome. I am also digging the new Nico! But I am totally over Matt. He's gotta go. GRADE: B+

*THE OFFICE: This show continues to thrive. JUST when I thought I might be tiring of the gang, along comes the awesome wedding episode of Jim and Pam and WHAM!- I am invested in this office again. GRADE: A-
*30 ROCK: Still zany in it's fourth year. This is smart comedy, and fully deserving of 3 Emmys. And how about that TENNIS NIGHT IN AMERICA song! GRADE: A-
*PARKS & RECREATION: What an awesome improvement this year compared to season 1, which I happened to like a lot, thank you very much. The gang is meshing, brought on by the writers giving the characters more vulnerabilities. GRADE: B

*HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The first episode was awesome, the second episode..well, let me just say it was the worst episode EVER. That would average the grade out to a , what, C? GRADE: Yep, a C.
*THE BIG BANG THEORY: I am not a fan of the Penny/Leonard coupling, but I give points to the writers for not dragging their union out. Instead they have had the characters consummate things, and, well, hopefully Leonard will be single again before long. As for the other characters? HIGHLARIOUS! GRADE: A
*TWO AND A HALF MEN: This one was always a dark horse for me. But yet I watch it and still laugh. It will never be a top ten comedy for me, but it still manages to find its way on my DVR playlist. Still, isnt it time for Chelsea to go? And WTF did the writers do to the character of Melissa? She used to be so much fun. Now she is so much annoying. GRADE: B

*SUPERNATURAL: Season 5 is on my DVR, but I can't watch the episodes until I buy season 4 on DVD.
*SMALLVILLE: Season 9 is on my DVR, but I can't watch the episodes until I buy season 8 on DVD.

*I dont have any favorite shows returning on FOX.

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