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Thursday, October 1, 2009

FALL TV: A second look

In my new show reviews, my rating grade has been based solely on the pilot. But its usually the second episode, and more importantly the second season, of a show where one truly gauges if one likes the show or not.

Of the new fall shows that got to a second episode for me, here is where I feel the shows are going: better, same, or worse.

MELROSE PLACE: Better. (Some of the cast still stinks, but I am starting to get addicted to it after 3 episodes).
GLEE: Same. I thought it was brilliant to begin with, and it still is quite fun to watch. Can't wait to see the Kristen Chenoweth episode on my DVR.
COUGAR TOWN: Better. I totally laughed my ass off during the Beyonce 'Single Ladies' photo montage. Courtney has a winner here.
EASTWICK: Same. Had the same tone of the pilot, but I fear that it will grow mundane.
BEAUTIFUL LIFE: Worse. And I guess the rest of the public agreed since TBL was canned after two episodes.
ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE: Worse. Episode 2 want as funny, but the sitcom still has time to find its legs. I have faith.
VAMPIRE DIARIES: Same. The pilot was awesome, so the show couldnt really get any better in my opinion.
COMMUNITY: Worse. Like ACCIDENTALLY, it had a sub-par second episode, but still has lots of opportunity to correct itself.

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