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Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Fall season is now in full swing, and it's now become much clearer which shows will survive and be part of my permanent MUST SEE TV list.

ABC: The alphabet net has the most newbies that I am still watching (THE MIDDLE, COUGAR TOWN, EASTWICK and MODERN FAMILY). I just recently gave up on FLASHFORWARD (too slow and drawn out). And I had already dismissed THE FORGOTTEN, HANK and SHARK TANK.

NBC: Only one newbie remains (COMMUNITY). Though I liked TRAUMA, its ratings have sucked, and I just dont feel like getting sucked into the show only to have it dismissed the way NBC got rid of SOUTHLAND. THE JAY LENO SHOW is hit or miss, while MERCY is definitely NOT on the list.

CBS: Only a couple shows premiered: ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE (Still watching) and NCIS: LOS ANGELES (Not watching). What about THE GOOD WIFE and THREE RIVERS you say? I say, NO WAY!

THE CW: I gave up on VAMPIRE DIARIES (too many teens all acting moody and brooding); and THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE is already gone. That leaves one of my favorite shows of the season: MELROSE PLACE! LOVE IT!

FOX: Fox has my absolute favorite show of the fall: GLEE! It also has BROTHERS (hated it) and THE CLEVELAND SHOW (Still watching it).

So, to recap the shows I am still watching from the Big Five: THE MIDDLE, COUGAR TOWN, MODERN FAMILY, EASTWICK, COMMUNITY, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, MELROSE PLACE, GLEE and THE CLEVELAND SHOW. That's 9 shows and dwindling!

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