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Thursday, September 10, 2009


FlashForward (ABC), New
Survivor: Samoa (CBS), 4.2 18-49 demo rating for Gabon last fall
Vampire Diaries(CW), New
Bones (Fox), 2.9 demo rating (includes both Wed/Thurs airings last season)
SNL: Weekend Update (NBC), ? ; till Oct. 15 then Community

Parks & Recreation (NBC), 2.4 demo rating

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 4.8 demo rating
CSI (CBS) 4.5 demo rating
Supernatural (CW) 1.2 demo rating
Fringe (Fox), 3.6 demo rating (Tuesday last season)
The Office (NBC), 4.0 demo rating

Community (NBC), New; till Oct. 15 then 30 Rock, 3.2 demo rating

Private Practice (ABC), 2.9 demo rating (includes both Wed/Thurs airings last season)
The Mentalist (CBS), 3.5 demo rating (Tuesday last season)
The Jay Leno Show (NBC), New, Fall 2009 Tonight Show averaged about a 1.4-1.5 demo rating

MY PREDICTIONS: ABC will improve on the night now that UGLY BETTY has been banished to Fridays (can we say 'au revoir, Betty Suarez'? SURE WE CAN!). Look for FLASH FORWARD to ignite the hour, but overall win goes to old reliable SURVIVOR. Second will be BONES, and possibly FLASH if it can sustain buzz throughout the season. I see VAMPIRE DIARIES riding the Twilight and True Blood wave in 18 to 49, and will leave the NBC comedies in last place for the hour. Seriuosly!
At 9 pm: All hell's going to break lose, and each network will be smiling. This is going to be brutal! GREYS has aged, and without Gil Grissom, CSI has seen its better days, too. Even THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK may have peaked by now. A show with momentum is still SUPERNATURAL. So where does that leave Fox's Fringe? OMG, this is going to be a fun hour to watch. I see CSI winning, with the NBC comedies taking third, but making it a close call for second on GREYS. I just dont see GREYS juice holding out much past this season. SUPER will do super, but FRINGE will win fourth.
At 10 pm: Long live THE MENTALIST, the hottest show from last year. And PRACTICE will do so-so. But LENO owns the hour when PRACTICE is in repeats.

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