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Monday, September 14, 2009

SMALLVILLE: What next?

I jumped on the SMALLVILLE bandwagon late (8 YEARS late), and as the CW series heads into season 9, I am still playing catch-up with all the previous seasons on DVD. As of this writing, I am just starting season 7.

Rumor has it that this season (9) will be the last, but if ratings for it's Friday night switch prove fruitful for the CW on that night, look for a tenth season to follow. The CeeDubs decision to replace SMALLVILLE with VAMPIRE DIARIES on Thursdays has already been a success since VAMP scored the highest premiere rating in the network's history. So DON'T expect SMALLVILLE to ever return to THursdays now. The best case scenario is to have SMALLVILLE do good on Fridays and make that a competitive night for the fledgling netlet.

I now want to look back on SMALLVILLE's past seasons:
1: A good start, but too many freak of the week storylines
2: The start of the bigger mythology to the series, but still felt a little contrived.
3: A good season, but Pete Ross sorely needed to leave much earlier. FINALLY, I wasnt sick of John Schneider in this season
4: HIgh shool's last year, YAY! But the worst season because of those damn stones and Lana's tattoo. Props to Jensen Ackles, but his descent into madness in the last half of the season sucked. The second meteor shower was cool! And gotta love that Lois Lane intro to a nude Tom Welling.
5: Bye JOhn Schneider! What an UNBELIEVABLE (and not in a good way) storyline of how Johnathon Kent rose to become a SENATOR! THen he dies, and MARTHA KENT becomes a Senator? Whatever.
6: Best season yet! (of the 6 I've seen): Hi Jimmy Oleson (and cute Aaron Ashmore), and what a rush to see the Justice League get formed. Also, the escaped phantoms from the zone was cool to follow. Last half of the season sucked..i didnt buy into Lana's love interest in Lex. But the finale with the dam bursting open was awesome.

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