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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall TV Reviews: Accidentally Bored Community

A B and C comedies get an A B and a C

In other words, the comedies A-ccidentally on Purpose, B-ored to Death and C-ommunity all premiered this week, and I think you'll be surprised which one gets an A, which a B, and the final a C. Going into season, critics have been panning Accidentally on Purpose as a dead on arrival show. I just didn't see it, though. Immediately I was laughing along with the characters, and it was just very comforting television. Sure, it's not brilliant, but it made me smile and it made me laugh. The concept involves a SF movie critic (Jenna Elfman) who realizes that 'condoms arent 100% foolproof if you dont take them out of your purse", gets pregnant from a one-night-stand boytoy chef, and then ends up living with him platonically (for now). The next show, BORED TO DEATH, airs on HBO and stars Jason Schwartzman. What SHOULD have been a solid comedy on HBO didn't elicit a single laugh out of me. Still, it has some potential, depending on where the creators go with it. Ted Danson steals it! The final comedy, COMMUNITY, has been a critical darling going into the fall. And, yes, THE SOUP'S Joel McHale is funny. Also, the supporting cast is also very good. It has lots of potential, and is worth another sample. But of the 3, the show that gets an A is ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, the B goes to COMMUNITY, and the C goes to BORED TO DEATH (which almost lived up to it's name).

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