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Thursday, September 10, 2009

FALL TV REVIEW: Melrose Place

It's going to have to get much better before I invest a whole year of my life into MELROSE PLACE. Reboots are always hard to do and rarely capture the original version's tone. SOrry to say that MELROSE PLACE 2009 is a victim of such fate. The only juice from the show comes from original cast member Laura Leighton (better than ever as Sydney) and newbie Katie Cassidy (BRILLIANT in the Heather Locklear role of Ella). Come to think of it, Miss Cassidy was the best thing going for HARPERS ISLAND this summer, and kicked ass (literaly) as Ruby on SUPERNATURAL. Let's hope the producersa and writers either ditch the boring new characters on PLACE (except for Dr Michael Mancini and his Brad Pitt-ish son, they were delicious too). The others, eh!


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