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Friday, August 7, 2009


Just watched two more 'new' shows this summer.

First, DEFYING GRAVITY on ABC is a hit and miss show. At times I find it's 'modern-ness' and 'drama-focused'reality-soap opera' antics refreshing. At other times, it plays too much like GREY'S ANATOMY. But so far, it hasnt been ingratiating enough to turn me off to it. Further, it seems to have a greater mythology to it, as most great shows do. Is DEFYING great? No. Is it entertaining for summer? You bet. B+

THen there is BEING HUMAN, a BBC production watered down for BBCAMERICA (they blurred out the werewolf's butt, dammit). At 6 episodes, that will probably be enough to satisfy me without driving me crazy. I guess I am jaded by the nudity, language, graphic violence, and all-around-general popcorn fun that TRUE BLOOD delivers week to week. No slam to the BBC, but their dramas have always bored me. BEING HUMAN is an exception, though. It can make me laugh, make me cry (did the blonde nurse really have to die in the pilot? I liked her a lot), and sometimes make me jump. I just wish it hadnt been watered down for the US audience. B

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