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Thursday, June 25, 2009

TV REWIND: 2008-2009

My TOP FIVE favorite NEW SHOWS from 2008-2009

Here are my favorite NEW SHOWS from the 2008-2009 TV season:

1. TRUE BLOOD (HBO): From the opening seconds of this vampire tale, I was hooked! Alan Ball's guilty pleasure mixes horror/romance/comedy with the right amount of nudity (God bless Ryan Kwanten: you know, Jason Stackhouse). Season 2 premieres in June...and can't cum soon enuff! A+

2. SWINGTOWN (CBS): TRUE BLOOD wasn't the only new summer show to air in 2008 that caught my eye, the other was CBS' controversial 70's-era SWINGTOWN. It was the kind of drama that hooked you in a WONDER YEARS-kind of way. And with it being broadcast, SWINGTOWN wasn't able to deliver the racy stuff that TRUE BLOOD got away with. Ashame, because I think TOWN would have been a much better fit on a HBO or SHOWTIME. Still, I have the series on DVD, and 13 full episodes is better than just getting 3 or 4. So instead of looking at TOWN as a failed TV show, I look upon it as an excellent miniseries. A

3. BETTER OFF TED (ABC): My next favorite show premiered just a few months ago on ABC, and it's fate on a second season is yet to be determined. But in just 2 months, TED fully evolved as an excellent comedy that skewered big corporate companies. The VERIDIAN DYNAMICS fake ads alone are worth tuning in, but I also admit to being a huge Andrea Anders fan (previously seen on JOEY and THE CLASS). ABC needs comedy buzz, and the critics and a loyal fan base may be just enough to keep it alive. If not, guess I will just buy the DVD and cherish the 6 episodes already produced. A-

4. PARKS & RECREATION (NBC): Even though this Amy Poehler sitcom from the producers of THE OFFICE started slow, I have every bit of faith in it to return for a second season funnier and zanier than ever. It only had 6 episodes produced, too, and when it returns (which it will) any tweaking of the season 1 problems will have been worked out, giving NBC a GREAT line-up of sitcoms on Thursday night. B

5. HARPER'S ISLAND (CBS): Bad ratings and bad writing doomed this guilty pleasure horror who-dunnit to Saturday nights, meaning a second season of this fun, popcorn show won't be happening. But at 13 episodes, and with the killer and survivors revealed at the end, count HARPER's as a cool attempt by CBS to give TV something new. B-

BY THE WAY: My top two new shows (TRUE BLOOD and SWINGTOWN) aired in summer 2008, and the next 3 (TED, PARKS and HARPER'S) all aired in the spring of 2009, meaning that not a single new show that premiered in the Fall of 2008 made my list. That goes to show you how HORRIBLE I felt that the fall programming slate was for this season. Another new show, GLEE, will air once after AMERICAN IDOL next week on FOX. It's actually a special preview for a series that has already been given a 13-episode commitment, and is really a Fall 2009-2010 show, and therefor didn't make the cut for this season's TOP FIVE favorite new shows.

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spinnierandy said...

Hey there Yeah i've been tuning in to some of the same shows you have..I'm gonna miss Swing Town it was great Thank God for the Lair and "True Blood" Have a Great Weekend Mate:O)