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Thursday, June 25, 2009


This show is a mix of BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS and DANCING WITH THE STARS. If you remember BATTLE, then you remember how much fun it was to watch the stars of ABC, CBS and NBC battle it out on the obstacle course, baton relay and kayak event, among others. But where BATTLE had the likes of Heather Locklear, Scott Baio, Michael Landon and Bruce Boxleitner, all SUPERSTARS can muster up is Dan Cortese (SURVIVING SUBURBIA) and David Chavret (BAYWATCH). The other 'stars' are people I can't even remember, other than Ali Landry - and I would need IMDB to look up anything she has done.

The series itself is kind of fun, but I fear will grow stale after a few more weeks, especially since I dont really know who the 'stars' even are. With that said, it was FUN to see the blonde supermodel make an ass of herself as she badmouthed her sports partner, even mouthing off: "and he calls himself one of the greatest athletes? Unfucking believable". Yes, this model bitch deserved to lose. I felt sorry for the athlete. He was gracious about it all, and only deserved much better than who he got paired with.

So, SUPERSTARS earns a C+, in case you were wondering.

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