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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Few non-sci/fi shows reach cult status the way dearly-departed VERONICA MARS did during it's 3 year run on UPN/THE CW from 2004-2007. Maybe that explains why two of the show's principle players ARE in sci-fi/fantasy shows today.
*KRISTEN BELL: Much of VM's success laid in the charms of lead Bell, and this season TVland saw KB in no less than 2 shows, albeit one as a voice-over (GOSSIP GIRLS). Genre fans will be jumping for joy when Miss Bell joins HEROES in November and hits the big screen in the movie FANBOYS. She also has FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL coming out in 2008 from FREAKS AND GEEKS/KNOCKED UP maestro Judd Apatow.
*JASON DOHRING: JD played Logan Echolls on VM from Day One. I was part of the split who did NOT want Ronnie and Logan together. I just never liked Jason as an actor, and that became even more conclusive when I saw his lackluster performance in the new vampire tale MOONLIGHT (CBS Fridays).
*PERCY DAGGS: PD played BFF Wallace on VM. He hasnt done much since the show ended, but he can be seen in AMERICAN SON, which is now in post-production. Ironically, Percy played MATHLETE 2 in an episode of the previously mentioned Judd Apatow show FREAKS AND GEEKS.
*ENRICO COLANTONI: Enrico was probably the best known of the VM ensemble when the show first preemed in 2004 for his role in the NBC 90s hit-com JUST SHOOT ME. I liked him best, however, from his appearance in the hi-LAR-ious GALAXY QUEST. Enrico can next be seen as Speedo Boy in the TV mini-series ZOS: Zone Of Separation in 2008.
*CHRIS LOWELL: Chris joined the show in its final year and shared a heart-pumping kiss with Veronica Mars near the series' end. Chris signed onto ABC's PRIVATE PRACTICE even before VM was officially announced as dead and can be seen as sweet eye-candy on that ill-making GREY'S ANATOMY Wednesday night spin-off.
*TINA MAJORINO: Tina has been a veteran of movies for years (ANDRE, WATERWORLD, and the cult NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE). After hanging it up as Mac on VERONICA MARS, Tina performed in 11 episodes of the critically-acclaimed HBO drama BIG LOVE.
*FRANCIS CAPRA: FC had a bit of a following as Eli on VM, but has since only guest-starred on two TV shows since: CRIMINAL MINDS and THE CLOSER.
*THE CASSABLANCA'S: RYAN HANSEN ("Dick Cassablanca") will next be seen in SHERMAN'S WAY, PARTY DOWN and SUPERHERO!...KYLE GALLNER (The murderous "Beaver Cassablancas") scored airtime on The CW hit SMALLVILLE and did 6 episodes of BIG LOVE (the same show Miss Majorino did)...CHARISMA CARPENTER("Kendall Cassablancas") was best known pre-VM as Cordelia Chase for 90 episodes of the cult ANGEL series, and for 57 episodes of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER prior to that. Post-VM was a guest shot on GREEK, and its just a matter of time before the charismatic Charisma strikes again
*TEDDY GUNN: As Duncan Kane, I was totally rooting for him and Veronica to be together. But mid-way through season 2 Duncan's storyline came to an end. Since VM, Teddy has done LAST RESORT and JUMPER. In other words, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!
*MICHAEL MUHNY: Michael was the 'love to hate him' Sheriff Lamb on VM, and he died off a couple episodes before the series died. He is currently filming FAMILY PRACTICE for TV, and pre-VM was a cast member of the TV shows TURKS and THE HUNTRESS.
*MAX GREENFIELD: Next to Duncan, I liked Veronica with Deputy Leo D'Amato. Ronnie broke his heart in the second season, thus ending Max's stay on the show. But TODAY, Max is jerking it up as slimey receptionist Nick Pepper on ABC's UGLY BETTY (you know, the guy with the headset who is always bickering with Amanda).
*AMANDA SEYFRIED: She may have only been on VERONICA MARS for one year, but as first-year character LILY KANE she WAS the show. That season's year-long mystery all revolved around Who Killed Lily Kane? Prior to VM, Amanda was best known as one of the MEAN GIRLS. Since VM, she has filmed 14 episodes of BIG LOVE as Sarah Henrickson and is also shooting the musical MAMMA MIA!
*HARRY HAMLIN: As Aaron Echolls, Harry did two years on VM after striking big in the 80s on LA LAW and CLASH OF THE TITANS and gay-drama flick MAKING LOVE. This decade he hoofed it up on DANCING WITH THE STARS.
*LISA RINNA: Lisa did 3 episodes as Aaron Echoll's wife Lynn. In real life she IS Harry Hamlin's wife. And, like Harry, Lisa hoofed it up on DANCING WITH THE STARS. Lisa first gained fame as Billie Reed on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Recently she guest starred on a memorable ENTOURAGE episode.
*ALYSON HANNIGAN: Rounding out the Echolls brood was 3-time guest star Hannigan as Trina Echolls. Alyson is currently in her third year on the CBS comedy HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and was well-known as Willow on 144 episodes of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. ALYSON has also done some widely seen features: all of the AMERICAN PIE movies and the lead in DATE MOVIE (just about the only good thing IN that movie).
*ALONA TAL: She played memorable School Bus Crash survivor Meg in the second season of VM. More recently I just saw Alona last night in the pilot episode of CBS's CANE as Rebecca King. She also stayed in The CW family by doing 4 episodes of SUPERNATURAL.
*ERICA GIMPEL: She played Wallace's mom and Keith Mars first and second season main squeeze Alicia Fennel. I most remember her as Coco from the early 80s tv music drama FAME. Since VM Erica has logged in 4 episodes of BOSTON LEGAL.

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