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Sunday, October 7, 2007

RANT AND RAVE: Britney Spears Y'all!

It takes A LOT for a mother to lose custody of her children, but somehow Britney Spears managed just that. Actually, any look at the celebrity's antics over the last 2 years shows how unfit and unstable she was on the outside. And I say 'on the outside' because that's all the public can truly base anything on. None of us actually saw how Britney interacted with her children away from the spotlight and inside her home. But now that family, friends and bodyguards, maids and nannies have all come forward, the picture painted of Britney is definitely not a Monet.
Britney had (and has) a lot of fans who wanted to see her 'comeback' from all of this. But her attitude, evidenced at this year's Video Music Awards, was a disaster, and a HUGE part of that all lied within Britney herself. It's been noted over and over again how Britney didnt want any help, no one could tell her what to do, she was out of control, she didnt treat people with any respect. In short, Britney brought all of this on herself. I haven't walked in her shoes, so it's not my place to damn her. But it seems like she is battling a shitload of demons. It's pretty apparent the girl can't cope with reality. Maybe now is the wake up call and she will get help. And people on her side should no longer make excuses for her. SHE NEEDS HELP now more than ever. Too many times in the past people were afraid to say no to her ...in the end all she had were enablers in her life. All the good, strong, integrity-minded people were already kicked out of her life by Britney herself, or they walked out of her life because of her tiresome tirades and spotty attitude.
Britney, should she get help and crawl out of this rock bottom she is in, deserves her kids. Her kids DESERVE a loving, caring mother who has their best interests in mind. But until BRITNEY becomes THAT PERSON, then ABSOLUTELY, and POSITIVELY, those kids should NOT be left in her care.

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