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Sunday, October 7, 2007

FALL TV REVIEW: Reaper and PRivate Practice

FALL TV REVIEW: Private Practice
Manipulative. That's the word that came to mind immediately as I closed out the final 10 minutes of this GREYS spin-off. Certainly I didn't buy into a single character on the show...each person's rants and quirks bled together into one to the point where I found it hard to tell anyone apart, be them male, female, black or white. Every interpersonal interaction had undertones of smugness and rudeness. For a calming alternative to hospital medicine, PRIVATE PRACTICE felt about as cold or sterile as anything ER could offer. Just about every plot in the opener had a conflict, two characters not trusting each other or sparring with each other, each character trying to one-up someone else, then conflict/crisis solved, characters smile and apologize over tears and smiles and la la la..all is good in LA again (until next week, that is.) Sorry, good production values and an eye-candy cast can't save this mess. Oh, and I dont watch GREYS ANATOMY, so I have nothing to compare it to. All I know is that I am out of PRACTICE already.
MY PREDICTION: GREYS is HUGE! And fans will follow PRACTICE (at least in it's infancy). But it will take some more tweaking of the show (not to mention having this group of characters actually get along) to save it. I have a feeling that PRACTICE will have outstayed it's welcome by the end of the spring season.
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September 27, 2007 - Thursday
I'm in love! With both the series REAPER and with its lead actor, Bret Harrison. Bret plays the character of Sam, who was sold to the devil back when Sam's daddy was dying of cancer. Now Sam's job is to gather up the escaped bad-ass souls from Hell who have decided to wreak havoc above ground. The film is well-crafted, funny, scary and goo-gooey with a possible love interest for Sam in the form of former HEROES people-shifter Missy Peregym. I'm quite confident that positive word of mouth will spread and keep this show alive. The pilot was directed by CLERKS-maestro Kevin Smith. It will be interesting to see if the quality for future episodes can match the opener without Kevin's direction. Still, The CW hit gold with this buzz show, so if you havent seen REAPER yet, please do so. So far, it's my favorite new show of the year (with DIRTY SEXY MONEY, CAVEMEN, PUSHING DAISIES, VIVA LAUGHLIN, BIONIC WOMAN and ALIENS IN AMERICA still on tap to try and razzle-dazzle me).
MY PREDICTION: Well, one strike against REAPER is that it's on the little-watched CW. Strike two is that it is up against HOUSE, strike three is that its up against THE UNIT and strike fo-oops, by now it should be out. Hmmm..well, like I said: watch the show, spread the word and keep REAPER around all year. The show has quality and buzz, and for the very strike against REAPER for being on THE CW, that fact also keeps the show alive because THE CW hardly has anything better to replace it with (unless those PUSSYCAT DOLLS come knocking again). I see REAPER picking up fans throughout the season and coming back for season 2.

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