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Sunday, October 7, 2007

FALL TV REVIEW: Dirty Sexy Money

FALL TV REVIEW: Dirty Sexy Money
If you are in the mood to see one of the richest families on the planet have multiple meltdowns in a succession of over-the-top scenarios, DIRTY SEXY MONEY might be up your alley. It's the anti-BROTHERS AND SISTERS in that pretty much everyone in the Darling family is fucked up, which makes great trash television. One of the highlights was the Baldwin brother who can't let go of his tranny mistress (who is a REAL tranny this time - instead of the girl playing a tranny off UGLY BETTY). At the grounded core is Peter Krause's character, who -over the course of his employment for the Darlings - may find his life just as fucked up as well (especially once he finds out who possibly murdered his father). The show doesn't venture to be realistic, so as a nighttime sudser DIRTY delivers.
MY PREDICTION: It isnt very compatible with PRIVATE PRACTICE as a lead-in. If PP can master some boffo ratings, DSM will stick around. But, if as I suspect, audiences will be bored by PP, then getting them to stick around for DSM will be more a challenge. I think DSM will survive the season, but may find a time-slot change in the next couple months.

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