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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter TV Review: ALCATRAZ

When I heard that this new FOX drama was basically a procedural with a twist, I was skeptical. But upon viewing this new JJ Abrams show set on an island - natch- I was hooked with its premise of 200 some-odd inmates who disappeared from Alcatraz prison back in 1963 and who are now resurfacing in the present day, unaged. Their is a mysterious mythology about why they are back, and who is behind them killing again. The second hour of the premiere reminded me a bit of the movie DIRTY HARRY - a fave. I was very entertained...so far, so good. And great to see Jorge Garcia back on TV. A

Winter TV Review: Lost Girl

Sorry, but something is just 'off' with this new SyFy series, which i believe is actually a Canadian TV production that the cable net bought, though I'm not positive. Anyway, the premise is this: a woman in her late twenties is a succubus and she drains people of their essence through a kiss. There is a whole mythology about good and evil forces who want to use her for their respective needs. It's talkie and not very exciting. C-

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter TV Review: Betty White's Off Their Rockers

Poor Betty White. I fear that after an amazing couple years where her star has shown brightly again, the razzle dazzle is over. At least it is with this stupid attempt at Candid Camera like entertainment. With OFF THEIR ROCKERS, senior citizens pull pranks on the youngins, and the results are less that stupid. In fact, these PRANK'D AARPers look so staged, its pretty obvious the show was just thrown together to capitalize on Betty's name. And Miss White doesnt even engage in any of the stunts. All she does is throw a few one-liners from her house. Those are the best parts. D-

Winter TV Review: Unsupervised

FX has a hit with ARCHER. Not so much with UNSUPERVISED, which is a poor attempt to mix Beavis & Butthead type humor with South Park. Its about some randy teen boys and their less-than-funny hijinks. Very immature, and very stupid. I can't see this one lasting very long. At least I pray it doesnt. D

Winter TV Review: Project Runway All*Stars

First the good news: All*Stars brings back 13 of your favorite former contestants from seasons past (including my personal fave, Season 1's Austin Scarlett), and boy is it great to see these contestants again. Now the bad news: No Heidi Klum, No Tim Gunn mentor, and no judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Their replacements are very poor substitutes, but the formula is the same. And let's face it, you're watching All*Stars to see your former faves, so with that in mind, I give this show a B. But if I were to grade on the host, mentor and judges, I'd have to downgrade the show to a C-. But I'm feeling nice, so a B it is.

Winter TV Review: Touch

Fox's new preview of it's March-release drama starring Kiefer Sutherland blew me away. It was such a moving piece of television, with a beginning, middle and end. The entire hour was satisfying, and such a surprise sleeper for me. The story is basically about a boy named Jake who has never spoken a word in his life, but through the use of numbers and observation of the world at large, is able to find a way to communicate to his dad, and others. But the show is more than that, crossing the world and weaving seemingly unrelated story arcs into a 'wow' finale. This show has an epic feel to it, more like a feature film, actually. I worry how its going to play out as a series, but taking the pilot and looking at it as a movie, i was wholly thrilled, and definitely looking to see where creator Tim Kring can take it, and in the process, take me. There's nothing like this on television. It was fantastic. A

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter TV Review: Napoleon Dynamite

It was fun to revisit the characters from the 2004 Jon Heder flick on this FOX animated spin-off, and the voices are the same from the movie. But I guess almost ten years later, I've moved on from these characters. It's cute, not offensive, but also sooooo 2004. C+